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The Empowered Home Experience!

Interior Design with a twist of Personal Development

This is interior design- but not how you've seen it before! With the empowered home system, we'll go beyond an "instagram worthy" room and focus on four strategic areas in your home that relate directly to your health, wealth + purpose, love and family connection. Through this mix of design and personal development, your home becomes your secret weapon to help you achieve the life + business that you've been dreaming of.  ARE YOU READY? 


Change your environment, change your life


By the end of the Empowered Home Experience, you'll have:

PURPOSE + CLARITY on your ideal life and how each space relates to it

You'll REVEAL + UNBLOCK the areas in your space that steal your time

You'll EDIT + DECLUTTER the unnecessary so you can RELEASE what holds you back

You'll create a PRACTICAL PLAN for a home that supports your unique essence

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Week 1: Introduction + How To

Amy will lead you on a full introduction of the course and how to get the most out of it. She will guide you on your first exercise that will get you in the right frame of mind for change.

Week 2-3: Office + Purpose

Take inventory your home office, create your ideal workspace + make changes that will support your business growth. 

Week 4-5: Kitchen + Health

Work through the physical and emotional blocks in your kitchen space that are preventing you from reach your health goals. 

Week 6-7: Bedroom + Love

Create a space that deepens your relationship to yourself or a partner. This space will leave you recharged and ready.

Week 8-9: Living Room + Connection

Building a spot in your home where everyone wants to hang will improve your relationship with your kids, friends & family. 


Bi-weekly group video calls, Q&A sessions, a private Facebook Group, video workshops and journal homework will ensure your success.

About Amy

Hi, my name is Amy. I’m a mom, wife and award-winning interior designer and it's my mission to show you how your home design impacts your daily life. By creating a home environment that nurtures your soul and supports your goals, you will be empowered to live a life of fulfillment + joy.

 My work is about much more than creating pretty rooms. Did you know that your home is a vital tool that can help you: 

Achieve your health goals

Realize your purpose + create wealth

Grow in Love for yourself and your partner

Meaningfully connect with those you care about most


Bringing positive change to your home environment will also create positive change that spills out into all areas of your life.

How will YOUR empowered home support your dream life? I can’t wait to find out!